There are lots of great resources available on the Internet for learning more about programming and improving your skills. Blogs are one of the best, IMO. There's a wealth of knowledge and experience, much of it covering topics not often found in traditional books, and the increased community aspect helps to bring in multiple viewpoints and ideas.

We're probably all familiar with Coding Horror and Joel on Software (so no need to mention them), but what are the other great ones out there? What are the Blogs that you find yourself following most closely? Where you see the best new ideas, the most interesting or informative ideas, or just the posts that make you sit back and think?

One Blog per answer, and then we'll vote up the best so we can all learn from them.

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The Daily WTF - Helping us learn from our own collective (bone-headed) mistakes.

Christopher Cashell
the first few posts I read were about hardware! This whole friggin' site should be shut down as "not-programming-related." Perhaps the whole Internet!
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Lambda The Ultimate - For the Computer Scientist inside us all ;-)

Christopher Cashell
+53  A: 

Coding Horror from our own Jeff Attwood :)

Jeff's blog has got to be about the worst for real useful information. Some might find it entertaining, but how can you take him seriously is he has never coded in C and cannot understand what NP Complete means? My lord!
Tim, maybe perhaps it does _not_ matter for the things he do?
@tim - He has coded in C. Did you miss the post on how he hated "The C Programming Language"?
Lucas Jones
does it really matter he has never coded in C? does it really matter he didn't get NP complete explanation right? look at stackoverflow, it's one of the best designed pieces of software on the internet right now. he certainly got some things right and those that he didn't... well, hands up who knows everything and has nothing more to learn!
lubos hasko
@tim With the assumption that you are not joking... why does it matter if someone has never coded in C? I've never coded in C, I've also never coded in Perl, Delphi, Objective-C etc... Hell a lot of developers might even not have written JavaScript!
@tim, I've programmed in C and learned about NP Completeness during my CS degree. However I can't take someone seriously who thinks that these are so essential to being a good developer.
Jumping sharks since Fonzi... ;)~
Evan Plaice
Coding Horror used to be my favorite specifically because Jeff posted a lot and on a lot of esoteric topics. Now we're lucky to see a post once a month. Coding Horror is starting to feel like abandon-ware which is why I searched for a post on other good programming related blogs.
+7  A: 

Tim Bray's Ongoing

Christopher Cashell
+2  A: 

Mitchel Sellers DNN Blog

Mitchel Sellers
+2  A: 

Here's a few from my list:
- Coding Horror
- Hackety
- John Resig
- Just Browsing
- Kickin' the Darkness
- Schneier
- The Old New Thing

Lucas Oman
+36  A: 

Scott Hanselman's ComputerZen.com

David Negron
+3  A: 

Just one? Hmm... CSS Tricks, for the web devs.

Just one per post. If you've got more good ones, post them up, too!
Christopher Cashell
+9  A: 


+50  A: 

Steve Yegge's blog

Alvaro Rodriguez
Frankly, I find it completelly unreadable. This guy spends a thousand words to say what could be expressed in one.
Nemanja Trifunovic
His verbosity is the stuff of legend. However he does make some very relevant points, if you have the patience to endure his writing.I like Paul Graham better though, but he's been voted less. Go Figure.
Alvaro Rodriguez
Reading Yegge is like reading Walden. There's a lot in it, and a lot of effort required to get it out.
CAD bloke
I really like reading Yegge, although I think sometimes he makes the odd leap that is a bit of a stretch.
People don't read Yegge for the same reason they don't read anything anymore. They have perpetual ADHD. Why just the other day I was in the bookstOH LOOK A SQUIRREL!
Robert Harvey
Nemanja: If you could summarize his articles in one word, I'm sure we'd all love to hear those single words.
I'm glad to see he's back to blogging. I wouldn't count myself as a fan, but I like to read his entries. There's some stuff in there occasionally that's really good even though most of it makes me wonder if he's ever visited the real world. Whether you agree with him or not, it's worth the time to decode the posts. :-)
Brian Knoblauch
+3  A: 

The Berkun Blog

Alvaro Rodriguez
+27  A: 

The Daily Dilbert Strip

yes! it sheds a light on many perversions we endure without even noticing anymore!
Manrico Corazzi
says more about the software industry than steve yegge in only a dozen words a day..
+22  A: 

Rands in Repose

Alvaro Rodriguez
+11  A: 

Misko Hevery's Blog

He's a great agile coach at Google. You MUST see his talks ("The Clean Code Talks", search youtube for them).
Igor Popov
+6  A: 

There is a comprehensive list "Top 100 Blogs for Development Managers" put together by Jurgen Appelo at his blog

He also includes a opml file for easily importing this list into your rss reader.

EDIT: Here's the latest list "Top 100 Blogs for Developers (Q1 2009)" ... and no surprises that Joel and Jeff are at the top there ;-)

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+1  A: 


+41  A: 

Raymond Chen's The Old New Thing

even though win32 specific (and in the last 2 years most of his posts are "you is n00b, read the error message"), I strongly recommend it for every one
+14  A: 

Oh, and you've been haacked

+38  A: 

Arguably not a blog, but Paul Graham has a great collection of essays. Of special interest if you are considering to, or already running, a startup.

I'd strongly encourage you to read all essays.

Alvaro Rodriguez
+12  A: 

Gustavo Duarte for low level topics, close to the hardware.

Nice one, good blog...
Tim Ring
YES! I have learned so much from this one blog it's ridiculous.
This a good one.
+1  A: 

Landon Dyer, the Dadhacker covers mostly low level topics close to the hardware.

+7  A: 

Joe Armstrong, mostly covering Erlang.

+10  A: 

Nobody's mentioned CodeBetter yet, so I'll add that one to the list.

+4  A: 

Yossi Kreinin, covering mostly low level topics close to the hardware. He has an account on stackoverflow, though he is not very active here.


Peter Kankowski - who writes smallcode, never ceases to teach me new things.

Christopher Dolan
+1  A: 

Charles Nutter, about JRuby internals.

+6  A: 

The google testing blog is pretty kickass.

Also, I don't think anyone has yet mentioned Martin Fowler's bliki, but it contains a ton of gems from one of the most well respected minds in the industry.

If you're interested at all in scalability, you should watch highscalability.com

+10  A: 

I know most of these were mentioned.. but I check them regularly. Most of them are .NET centric

Scott Guthrie

Scott Hanselman

Coding Horror



Quintin Robinson

Less known I think:

+1  A: 

If your curious about ruby or metaprograming I would suggest http://errtheblog.com/ and http://eigenclass.org/

Aaron Lee

For testing subjects, I've enjoyed James Bach's Blog although he must have died because he hasn't posted any new entries in a while.

I also like a guy named Shrini Kulikarni. And from either of those blogs, their blogrolls will take you to a number of other good sites.


I usually stop by http://www.phpied.com/ its a mix of PHP and Javascript stuffs.


The Artima Developer Community

+1  A: 

I use The Daily WTF, Coding Horror, The Old New Thing, Juixe Techknow, Joel on Software, dilbert and Slashdot.

+2  A: 

Moserware - I think I started reading this when it was linked from Coding Horror once. Relatively new blogger but his posts are interesting and well thought out.

James Wulkan
+2  A: 

Some of the tech blogs I usually follow are

Peter Norvig's --> You can see some great code
Steve Yegge's --> programmers love this blog

+3  A: 

I second Artima. I can't vote up yet :)

+19  A: 

The blog of Oren Eini (aka Ayende Rahien)

+2  A: 

Google Testing Blog is quite good.

+1  A: 

Joel on Software : Joel Spolsky

Scott Hanselman's ComputerZen.com

ScottGu's Blog: Scott Guthrie


Scott Guthrie

Stephen Walther


+1  A: 

Peter-Paul Koch's blog on quirksmode.org


Jurgen Appelo has compiled a great list of blogs: Top 100 Blogs for Development Managers (Q3 2008).

It is supposedly for software development managers, but in my opionion they are just as much for developers that are not managers (such as myself). All of my favourite bloggers (for example Jeff Atwood, Joel Spolsky, Steve Yegge, Martin Fowler, Reginald Braithwaite) are on the list.

Henrik Warne
+6  A: 

http://martinfowler.com/bliki (one item per answer!)

+1  A: 

Los Techies

Chris Canal


Chris Canal
+14  A: 

Joel on Software

(I'm really curious to see it's position among other blogs in the vote.)



The Fullasagoog aggregator brings together over 500 hand picked blogs, focused on the Adobe technology platform and related topics. If you are interested in Flash, Flex, AIR or ColdFusion this is a fabulous place to start.


+1  A: 

I also read Raganwald. It looks like he doesn't write any more, but you can read the archives and I like the links, too.


Myke's Weblog

Scott and the Dev Team
+4  A: 

Ted Dziuba's blog is a very cynical blog about coding and always makes me laugh. He also rants a lot.

Andrew Jahn
+1. Very funny and very insightful. But not for you if you're prone to taking things a bit too seriously and literally.
David HAust
There is a Stack Overflow user with the same name: Ted Dziuba, http://stackoverflow.com/users/104/ted-dziuba
Peter Mortensen
thank you for mentioning this, new for me, very nice reading
+69  A: 

Here's the Top 10 development blogs...

  1. Joel on Software (Joel Spolsky)
  2. Coding Horror (Jeff Atwood)
  3. Seth's Blog (Seth Godin)
  4. Paul Graham: Essays (Paul Graham)
  5. blog.pmarca.com (Marc Andreessen)
  6. Rough Type (Nicholas Carr)
  7. Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen (Scott Hanselman)
  8. Martin Fowler's Bliki (Martin Fowler)
  9. Rands in Repose (Michael Lopp)
  10. Stevey's Blog Rants (Steve Yegge)

and you can find the rest of the Top 100 Blogs here.

Update: http://www.noop.nl/2009/03/top-100-blogs-for-developers-q1-2009.html
Daniel Daranas
+1 for Coding Horror
This answer is worth a bookmark (and I very very very rarely use bookmarks, just use them for very important websites) ! :)
Separate answers would be better – that way the voting system would more accurately show what the community considers the best ones.
My blog didn't make this list! ;-(
Frank V

Ian Bicking's

+1  A: 

Cathy Sierra's 'Creating Passionate Users' was/is my favourite.

Vivek Kodira

Ryan's Scraps

Keeps me up to date on the bleeding edge of Ruby on Rails.

+2  A: 

The object mentor developers web blog. Robert C. Martin & co.

Phil Bennett

I didn't see Ode To Code in this list yet.

Hamish Smith

Even though I don't write any Ruby, I am really missing raganwald because of the thought provoking posts, the fact that I ended up learning things that would never have come up just reading .NET blogs, and because the links he posted were always worth a read.

Thankfully it looks like he's thinking about starting up a new blog.

Hamish Smith
+1  A: 


Mads Hansen

I rather enjoy:

  • Joel's (obviously)
  • 'coding horror'

and I've gotten some helpful code from Software Evolved.

+1  A: 

Software Engineering Radio

this is probably one of the only useful bits of programming podcasts on the internets... Perhaps I have just not found the next useful one though.

I'll add my own: Coding Relic. Feel free to vote it down, I'm used to it.


Eric Lippert's Fabulous Adventures In Coding and Wesdyer's Yet Another Language Geek.


Here's a horrible one.

http://www.stackoverthrow.com/ some rants about development and things.

Disclaimer: I'm the author. Feel free to downvote for shameless plug.


BTW, what happened to Mr. Ed's hacknot.info? It just shows a generic site since months.

+1  A: 

The Contrarian Software Blog

"Because so much conventional wisdom in the software industry is just plain wrong."


I like the realtime collision detection blog.

Despite its name it covers way more than collision detection and has a lot of interesting and sometimes provocative ideas on programming in general.


DevelopDotStar: The Independent Magazine for Software Developers.


I'm rather surprised that no one has mentioned

New Adventures in Software by Dan Dyer (who also happens to be a Stack Overflow user)

I don't follow that many blogs, but this one has caught my attention because of the many delightfully well written posts, like this introduction to evolutionary computation - surprisingly interesting, for me, for such a theoretical subject. I (and my team) also owe it to this blog that I found out about Hudson a while back; it has later replaced CruiseControl in our use due to its superior ease of configuration.

Personally I consider it a plus that most of the blog's concrete coding related posts are Java specific (along with some Haskell stuff). Even if you disagree with that, you may be interested in the insightful articles on software development in general, such as this one about the importance of sleep, or witty social commentary about online phenomena like the ongoing Twitter experiment.


If you happen to know some Spanish language (and perhaps enjoy learning more of it) and are into web development, and Linux / open source stuff, check out the blog maintained by

Gregorio Espadas (a Mexican web developer)
Subheading: Desarrollo y Diseño Web : Software Libre : Linux : Web 2.0

Aside from web development and design content, notable (mainly open-source) software releases and sometimes major hardware or tech business news are covered. This is high-quality stuff; I may not know a comparable general tech blog (for my tastes, anyway) in any language.

+1  A: 

Good look at general software best practices. Object Mentor


The Fast Dilbert Strip


This guy seems to know his Perl stuff, yet makes his blog entries interesting and readable to non-geeks:



Jorge Dunkelman's blog may be of interest to Spanish speakers, especially those needing help with Excel.


Lastly, here's a useful source on MySQL admin and performance stuff (lots more blogs via Planet MySQL.)

MySQL Performance Blog

I hope these links are of use to someone out there!

+1  A: 

John Resig's blog (JavaScript Evangelist and creator of jQuery)

Paul Dixon

If broken it is, fix it you should - Tess Ferrandez, ASP.NET debugging, performance, etc.

Faculty of the mind - Fredrik Kalseth, Test Driven Development, Best Practices, etc.


Kent Beck's blog (Programming guru extraordinaire - among other things, creator of Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development)

Ola Eldøy
+4  A: 

Bruce Schneier Has an excellent blog on IT security.

Dimitri C.
I was unimpressed with his early work, but nowadays he's putting out excellent information!
Brian Knoblauch
+1  A: 

Scott Rosenberg'a blog. I recently read it and found some good posts. Scott Rosenberg is the author of Dreaming in Code.

Jahanzeb Farooq

Perhaps it's not a "blog", but it never hurts to watch the original (c2) wiki. The link is to the quick changes screen so you can see all the recent edits.

Sean McMillan

If you code in Perl, following the "journals" at use.perl.org is nice. The front page is OK, but I find it much more useful to follow the personal journal pages of the developers whose modules I use.

Sean McMillan

Shameless plug: FettesPS

+11  A: 

Fabulous Adventures In Coding

+2  A: 

.NET Rocks podcast

Guy Starbuck
Wish I could vote this one up more than once.
Cylon Cat

ASP.NET: 4GuysFromRolla.

+1  A: 

Dot Net Perls.

+3  A: 

MSDN Documentation

is this a blog?
They have the MSDN blogs on there.
+2  A: 

Stack Overflow - just browsing through the latest questions always opens up new ideas for me.

Scott Ivey
+2  A: 

Hanselminutes podcast

Sam Meldrum

Occasionally you can find gold bits in the MSDN Blogs




Two community news/vote sites.

Matt Brunell

The Morning Dew (although as I'm in the UK it tends to be the Lunchtime Dew for me!)


DNRTV.com ... .NET Rocks vcast

Chris Nicol
+1  A: 

ScottGu and Rick Strahl are my favorite .NET blogs. Tons of useful content.

Josh Stodola

For all you Erlang'ers out there (it's what the cool kids are doing.)

blog.beerriot.com -- Bryan Fink (one of the guys behind Riak.)

yariv's blog is also a good one.

magical liopleurodon
+1  A: 

Programming Languages Comparison blog...





For .NET:

  1. Eric Lippert Blog
  2. Jon Skeet Blog