I am a neophyte with Ruby on Rails but I've created a couple of small apps. Anyway, I'm really interested in OpenID and I would like to implement OpenID authentication and maybe some Sreg stuff in a Rails app. All of the research that I have done has come up with articles that are out of date or just don't work for me. Since I'm so new to Rails I'm having difficulty debugging the issues so...

What is the best way to implement OpenId in Rails?


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Have you watched Ryan Bates' excellent Railscast on OpenID Authentication?

John Topley
I am so addicted to Railscast now! Thanks!

@John Topley

I tried one night during my research but something happened to my network connection [hotel wifi :-( ] or there was something wrong with the link because I couldn't get it going. I'll take a look at the link you supplied when I have a moment.

Update: I've watched episodes #67 and #68 and am still having some minor issues. I think I need to clear my head and start fresh tomorrow. Thanks again

Midnight Update: I've just re-watched the two episodes above and re-implemented them. After having a few issues I searched through the user comments and found matching answers and now I have it working. Thanks again.

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I can recommend AuthLogic for OpenID:

Ariejan - Railscast
Omar Qureshi
Thanks! I will check it out when I have some time.
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Check out this:

A complete app using authlogic-openid with jquery selector and auto-registration. Cheers :)

Shripad K

There is now a community wiki for this question: