I'm looking into using Visual Studio 2008's built in unit test projects instead of NUnit and I was wondering if anyone has any experience in trying to integrate this type of unit test project with Cruise Control.Net.

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From some of the initial research it doesn't appear to be a super simple solution.

It appears that doing this involves having Visual Studio 2008 actually installed on the continuous integration server, which could be a deal breaker.

Then configure the MSTest.exe to run in the tasks list, but first you'll have to make a batch file to delete the results files from previous passes as this file's existence causes an error.

Then create a xslt to format the results and put it into the dashboard.config file.

The code project article I found has a lot more detail.

You can run mstest without installing visual studio 2008. I've blogged about it here:
Wim Coenen

Cool. Just Crosslinking #1314 which asks the same question.

Michael Stum