For my Enterprise software solution (so open source is not so good) I want to implement a flexible dashboard which is component base. So I can keep changing it by adding new components, withouth having to wait for the next version.

my gold standard is pageflakes

any suggestions?

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ASP.NET Web Parts coupled with ASP.NET Ajax will enable you to create your own configurable Pageflakes-like site.

Jon Limjap
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You should check into Drop things. It's created by the creater of pageflakes and used in a book he wrote on how to do it.

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Have a look at Ext JS. It's a javascript framework that can very easily do a dashboard. There is a commercial license as well as a GPL one.

Although it is open source, that's not really what your problem is, the commercial license is fine for building commercial software.

Daniel Fone
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Andreas Grech


You can try Dynamic Dashboards for Asp.Net. It has an open source widget library, browser & database independent.

More information & online demo can be found at