Interesting question for everyone. So I have am thinking of adding a "university attended" field to the profile page of members in Drupal. I guess I am trying to figure out the best way to go about it. I was originally thinking of a text field, but than I thought you could get multiple instances of of university names, making it hard to sort people by school (ie. UF, University of Florida, Florida, U of F, etc). I then began to think about creating a drop down, but I wasn't quite sure where I could get a listing of all the schools. Perhaps I could find a database population that a site like LinkedIn or Facebook uses. Then I thought of what happens when someone has attended multiple schools, how would I account for that?

So, I guess I wanted to pose the question of how would you go about adding a University(ies) attended field to profile pages if you had to design a site to do so?


Here's a list of colleges in America:

If it were me, I'd just give them one select list, and call it something like "Main college attended" instead of allowing for multiple colleges.

However, if that's not an option, then I guess your best bet is creating a new "Profile" content type and giving that content type a "College" field with a limit higher than 1, and then a user reference field. That way, you can leave out the core profile module altogether and use CCK instead for whatever you'd be using profile for. But that tends to get a bit messy.

Mike Crittenden
Thanks; it gives me something to mull over.If anyone else has any suggestions, I look forward to reading them :-).