I needed to run memcached locally for dev on my Mac G5 so I have 8 Gigs now. I also use a RAM disk for running scripts on large files.

Have you used extra ram for any interesting tasks?

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Run some VMs and experiment with other operating systems

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I second basszero. Setting up and experimenting with virtual machines can be a very educational experience. I recently upgraded to 4 GB of RAM so I could run Windows Server 2008 in a virtual machine.

There are several applications you can use to set up VMs but my preference and recommendation is Sun's Virtual Box. It's really easy to use and offers the ability to keep snapshots of your VMs as you change things so you can easily revert back if you screw something up.

If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of VMs, Xen is a great virtualization tool run in Linux. Check out the Xen website for more information and if you're ever looking for an excellent book on Xen, I highly recommend Running Xen.

Justin Bennett
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You can also create a RAMdisk, which is a virtual filesystem that's backed entirely by RAM (which of course means it's not persistent - anything you put in here disappears when you shut down your computer). It's great for temporary directories because the file access and read/write is blazing fast.

Alternately, you could just do nothing. OS X 10.5 is pretty good at using all the RAM it can get its hands on.

Kevin Ballard

but is Folding cpu bound or memory bound?

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If you're using Xcode for development, you could probably crank up the number of parallel tasks it runs; the default will be the number of CPUs. (The user default you can use to change this is PBXNumberOfParallelBuildSubtasks, you can tweak this with Secrets as well.) With that much RAM a dual G5 might be able to build even faster with three to six build tasks instead of two, since compiling is such a mix of I/O and CPU load.

Chris Hanson

Folding is, most of the time, purely CPU/memory throughput (or sometimes also GPU) bound.


FF3 sucks up all my free memory. =|

Jauder Ho