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Eclipse on win64

Is anyone successfully using the latest 64-bit Ganymede release of Eclipse on Windows XP or Vista 64-bit?

Currently I run the normal Eclipse 3.4 distribution on a 32bit JDK and launch & compile my apps with a 64bit JDK. Our previous experience has been that the 64bit Eclipse distro is unstable for us, so I'm curious if anyone is using it successfully.

We are using JDK 1.6.0_05.

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I've been successfully using it on Vista x64 for some light Java work. Nothing too involved and no extra plugins, but basic Java coding has been working without any issues. I'm using the 3.4M7 build but it looks like the 3.4 stable build supports Vista x64 now.

Sean Carpenter

Would you mind sharing the Error Message you get? I can't run my eclipse with the latest apple jdk since they don't support the 64 bit swt library.

As for the Apple JDK6 - isn't SWT an Eclipse thing? Do you mean AWT? If so - it's possible that the SoyLatte project supports AWT if the Apple JDK does not.
Joshua McKinnon
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I'm using Eclipse with a 64bit VM. However I have to use Java 1.5, because with Java 1.6, even 1.6.0_10ea, Eclipse crashed when changing the .classpath-file. On Linux I had the same problems and could only get the 64bit Eclipse to work with 64bit Java 1.5.

The problem seems to be with the just in time compilation, since with vmparam -Xint eclipse works -- but this is not a sollution, because it's slow then.


With 1.6.0_11 it seems to work.

1.6_10 final might work as well as mentioned in the comment, but I've not tested that.

Tobias Schulte
JDK 1.5 or 1.6.0_10 (now out of beta) appear to be the best answer
Joshua McKinnon

It's f.... unstable for me @%$#%^&^%. JDK 1.6.21,Tomcat 6.0.29,sysdeo


Eclipse 3.6 64bit on Vista x64, java 1.6.0_21 b06 Very unstable, it freezes all the time. No matter setting a breakpoint, opening a file, commit a file..., it may just freeze. And CPU got a 50% usage (mine is core 2 duo). Have to switch back to Eclipse 3.4 32-bit. Any wrong with this release or due to JRE?