Hi everoyone,

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to suggest to him an interesting Ajax based project to do in his spare. I first thought that it'll be an easy task but no idea came out!

So is there any interesting idea out there?

The difficulty level wouldn't be a problem as he is willing to learn Ajax and for me, nothing better than a hard one to start with.


Online game.


What about a strategy game?
Like an old RTS game, but in a browser.
Should do for some interesting multiplayer capabilities too.

Lars Mæhlum
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I would suggest starting with a single Chat application. There would be some code to read new chat entries every few seconds and there would also be an input box which would automatically send data into the chat database.

You could start this as a very simple chat environment and then add more and more features like users, emotions, private messages etc.

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If only we all had the answer of the perfect program to write...we would all be rich! I suggest making one that replaces something you use often but dont like.

Adam Lerman

Thank you for your answers!

@ Adam Lerman
If I have to choose, it would be emacs :D

@ GateKiller
A Chat application seems to be a good idea, I'll suggest this to my friend.

@ Lars
A stragtegy game also seems to be a good idea, but would it as interactive as a chat engine?

@ mbowles
What kind of game would you suggest?


There is a interesting project using javascript + AJAX + Jabber. It's a chess internet server and is also an open source project. Try it: http://xadrezlivre.c3sl.ufpr.