I am trying to code a flowchart generator for a language using Ruby.

I wanted to know if there were any libraries that I could use to draw various shapes for the various flowchart elements and write out text to those shapes.

I would really prefer not having to write code for drawing basic shapes, if I can help it. If someone could point me to some reference documentation with examples of using that library, it would be great.


Thanks for your pointers and insightful commentary. I appreciate it very much.

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ImageMagick has a Ruby binding called RMagick (sometimes known by other names, depending on the repository). (Link) I haven't used it myself, but I believe it will do what you're looking for. You will need to do some coding, but it's along the lines of

draw.rectangle(x1, y1, x2, y2)
draw.polygon(x1, y1,...,xN, yN)
Nathan Clark

Yes, thank you fluffybunnyclud. But I think what I really need is some sort of vector drawing library which would allow me to put in text within the elements.

I want the user to be able to drag around flowchart elements and zoom in/out too.

fyi : this should be a comment. Plus, could you modify your problem statement to include the fact that you want to drag/zoom? That changes the solution set.
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It sounds like you're going to be limited mainly by the capabilities of whatever user agent you're building for; if this is a web project, drawing capabilities are going to be dependent on the browser. Since Ruby is running server-side, you would at minimum need some JavaScript to allow dragging/zooming, etc. There's plenty of examples of JavaScript being used for vector drawing (just google "javascript graphics library"), but all require coding, and I haven't seen any library that abstracts this elegantly.

Nathan Clark
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The simple answer is that what you want almost certainly doesn't exist. Sorry!

If you're Windows-based then I'd look for a product in the .NET space, where I expect you'd find something. You're probably going to have to pay real money though. I suppose, if you're brave, you may be able to talk to it using IronRuby.

From a non-MS environment I would be hoping for a Java-based solution. As already mentioned, within the Web world, you're going to be hoping some something JavaScript-based, or probably more likely, something from the Flash (or maybe even Silverlight?) world.

Actually, if you want to stay in Ruby and don't mind some risk, Silverlight might be a way to go - assuming the DLR stuff actually works (no experience here). Ruby - much as I love it - hardly has the most mature GUI structure around it.

Mike Woodhouse

I am totally sure, but check out cairo bindings for ruby. Pango for text. I am investigating then currently and came across this page.

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