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VSTO merged cells

Is there any way in VSTO (/JET OLEDB or other methods of reading excel files) to tell if the data comes from a single cell or merged range of cells and get this range ?


Assuming the you use a method that can invoke & use the Excel object model, you check the MergeArea property of a cell to see if it contains anything other than that cell. If it does, then that cell is part of a MergeArea. Here's how I've done it in VBA:

IF CurrCell.MergeArea.Rows.Count > 1 Or CurrCell.MergeArea.Columns.Count > 1 Then
    'CurrCell is part of a MergeArea... '

The equivalent C# VSTO code should be fairly similar.

this is very interesting, I will check that solution and mark as answered if it does the job.

The shortest route here is to make use of the Boolean Range.MergeCells property.

Assuming that your cell reference were named myCell, you could use something like:

if (myCell.MergeCells)
    // The 'myCell' is part of a merged cell area.
   // The 'myCell' is not part of any merged cell area.

You could also check the Cells.Count on the Range returned by the Range.MergeArea property:

if (myCell.MergeArea.Cells.Count > 1) {...}


if (myCell.MergeArea.Count > 1) {...}

The last example works because the Range.Count property always returns the same value as does the Range.Cells.Count, by design.

Mike Rosenblum