I am looking for h264 decoder C/C++ source code with RTP packetization support. My embedded device is sending 640x480 encoded h264 RTP packet. I would like to make a Windows XP/Vista based video streaming display.

Where can I find the source code to this?

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Videolan contains an implementation of h264 encoder (sorry - It uses ffmpeg to play back h264)

It's under the GPL and is a clean room implementation from the specs. Depending on your country there might also be patents on the decoder.

Martin Beckett
it's ENCODER, not decoder
Sorry? The OP asks about a player and videolan contains player source
Martin Beckett
You linked to x264, the encoder, not ffmpeg.
Peter Cordes
If is FFMpeg that contains the H.264 decoder. x264 is only an encoding library.
Laurent Etiemble
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You should take a look at the h.264 reference implementation. RTP packetization is supported, and there are both an encoder and a decoder.