My server's limit is set to 8MB. I want wordpress to work, however it must be incredibly bloated if it needs to use over 8MB just to get to the admin page. I have no plugins, it's a fresh install.

Is there anyway i can strip it down so that it no longer causes this error? I will not change the memory limit to larger than 8mb

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I do not think so. Have a look at this discussion of Wordpress.com

Six plugins (though it probably depends on the plugins) consume over 16MB and a German localized version eats through 24MB of memory in no time.


You can install TCP! Memory Usage and take a look at how much memory your application is acctually using and try to lower the "define(’WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64MB’);" in your wp-config.php.

Goran Jurić
As the limit is set to 8MB I tried setting the wp_memory_limit var to 8MB before posting this question and still receive the same errors unfortunately. But thanks :) It looks like it's trying to use over 12MB, probably around 14 I'd say.
Also, I can't install that plugin as I can't access the admin panel :P

I think from discussing it with my colleagues we've decided to program our own blog system, should only take a couple of hours, and most definitely won't use all that memory :)

Thanks for your suggestions, keep them coming, might help me at a later date (or someone else for that matter).