I have an infopath form that I use as part of a MOSS workflow.

The form has multiple views, and a Save button on each one. What I want to do as part of the Save button's rules, is submit the information and switch to the next view.

I added two rules to the button, one to submit data and another to switch view, but when I re-enter the form, it won't have the information saved.

If I replace the switch view action by a Close Form action, however, when I reenter the form it will have all the fields saved (as expected).

Has anyone run into a similar issue? Any workaround?

My form doesn't have any VB or C# code, so there's nothing to post related to that.


I've actually run into similar issues with combining multiple actions with a submit (the submit seems to fire non-deterministically). I'd highly recommend refactoring the "save" and "switch view" actions into different buttons to avoid these issues.

Gurdas Nijor
I'm being push to keep a single button for usability reasons. Did you try using C# for the actions instead?
Yes, if you're allowed to deploy a form with code-behind, i'd highly recommend it (you can then have the save, and view-switch occur serially)
Gurdas Nijor

By default infopath will open to the default view. which appears to be happening in your case

It seems that you need to use the tools>form options menu item. under the open and save category there is a open rules behaviour. from there you can specify the conditions that you want to switch the view

I am using infopath 2007 but 2003 is very similar.

Nathan Fisher