which is the alternate to distribute java .. i dont want to add jre in my extracted files i dont want to give away my .jar file to user end user just install and use application..

which dbms to use so that user dont need to configure like MSSQL needs configuration of server.

how to decrease execute time of my application it takes more time to execute ..


it is application without database . tere should be a setup file which install in program files and shortcut in destop and some registry entry to start it with start up application.

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Java Web Start works well as a distribution mechanism. Host the .jar on your site and your clients can download (provided they have a JRE). It'll select the appropriate JRE to use and allow you to update the application at your end with automatic downloads.

If you want a database, check out JavaDB. It's pure Java and comes as standard with Java 6. Your application can check for an existing db on start-up, and initialise/configure if not present. That will then remain for future invocations.

Brian Agnew
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You can deliver Java desktop apps as Applets and (more recently) Java Web Start apps. Using these technologies means that users don't need to manually handle files.

As for RDBMS, there is a pure Java RDBMS going by the names JavaDB and Derby which might meet your needs.

There are many ways to improve the execution time of a program, it depends on what you've coded and what it does, for a start. I think you'll need to ask a specific question on that to get a useful answer.