I'm trying to use Cruise Control .NET with TFS. What is the best way to integrate TFS with the latest version of Cruise Control .NET?

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There is a plugin for cruise that used to work.

TFS Plugin from codeplex

However, the code hasn't had an update in a couple years and the newer versions of use a different version of the NetReflector.dll.

In order to get this to work you need to:

-Download the tfs for plugin source from: source on codeplex

-Open solution in VS 2008

-Delete the NetReflector.dll in the solution.

-Add the NetReflector.dll from the server path IE: C:\Program Files\CruiseControl.NET\server

-Rebuild the solution

-Drop the new dll into your cruise control app


-Follow the configuration steps to setup the project block:

configuration steps

And you are done.

Bryan Rowe
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In 1.5, which was just CTP'd this week the TFS functionality is in the base package and there is no need for the plugin. Everything up until 1.5 Bryan has explained.