I'm using CodeIgniter but I think this can apply to any web framework.

The "nav bar" and the site I'm making is Flash. Normally when you link to a page in CodeIgniter, you use the anchor() function, which you pass URL segments to, and it builds a hyperlink. But how can I link to pages within Flash? Hopefully there's a way other than changing the links after the site is installed and configured...

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One approach would be to have your framework publish some data structure full of links, and have your flash movie grab that structure. Think some json-encoded hash of some sort. Of course, you'd probably want your flash movie to stick the data in some client-side store (cookie, or whatever else flash might offer) -- otherwise, you'll creating an extra back-end HTTP call every time the movie loads.

You should be able to encode it into the original html page as a parameter to the movie. Other than that, a good suggestion.
Matthew Scharley
Oh, yeah, very good suggestion, Matt.
Matt, I'd select yours if you submitted it as an answer. :)
Brian Ortiz
Depending on what you actually do, it's not so much a different answer as another WTDI. I'm not proficient in flash, certainly not enough to write up an answer to the quality I usually attempt to reach (ie, a sample would be nice), I only have a passing knowledge of what is possible.
Matthew Scharley

Matthew Scharley answered it in the comments. I ended up taking his suggestion of passing everything as URL parameters in the HTML.

Brian Ortiz