Iam creating a Flash AS3 based Poker game for my company. Some like zynga poker, what are the best design patterns that I can use in my game.

All suggestions are welcome, I am looking to create a good designed game which can support huge number of players.

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The Model View Controller pattern would work well.

"The pattern isolates business logic from input and presentation"

I would say the PureMVC framework is the most popular implementation of this pattern for AS3 followed by Cairngorm.

Awesome I had not heard of Mate before. Seems like it is the way to go. I must say I never really liked PureMVC much from the little I have had to do with it but there wasn't much else at the time.
PureMVC is just too,cool any good samples of poker implementations which use it?
Sumit Ghosh
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Huge number of players? That won't have anything to do with the flash portion, hopefully. You'll want a beefy server to handle game transactions and the like, although I guess you could rig some sort of peer to peer system up where the server did little more than list hosts.

Stefan Kendall
Flash portion will have to handle the steady stream of updates from other clients either through polling or socket communication. This is necessarily trivial.
Yes I agree we need a good server, Smartfox and Flash Media Server are our choices. But coding best practices are trivial irrespective of servers.
Sumit Ghosh