I'm using Visual Studio 2008 Developer Edition and I've created a Database Project and want to generate CREATE scripts from my database and save them in my database project.

It works just fine when I select a single stored procedure in the Database and click "Generate Create Script to Project". The problem is that when I select MULTIPLE PROCS - it outputs the script into the single file.

Is there a way to force the output into the multiple files (one file per stored procedure)?


I would love an answer for this one too! I'm use Visual Stuido 2008 Pro

I looked at the database publishing wizard and its options are to only generate a single file to to publish to a shared hosting provider


Microsoft's Database Publishing Wizard will generate create scripts for procedures. I don't have SQL Server installed here at work so I can't confirm this, but I think you can generate multiple files.

If I remember correctly, the user interface is a little different when you run this application from the Start menu than when you run it from within Visual Studio's Server Explorer.

Jim Schubert