I want to make something of a tag cloud for various folders I have, but unfortunately, I can't seem to find a way to access the tags of a file in Windows Vista. I tried looking at the win32 module, and os.stat, but I can't seem to find a way. Can I get some help on this?

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Apparently, you need to use the Windows Search API looking for System.Keywords -- you can access the API directly via ctypes, or indirectly (needing win32 extensions) through the API's COM Interop assembly. Sorry, I have no vista installation on which to check, but I hope these links are useful!

Alex Martelli
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It appears that Windows stores the tags in the files. Just tag any image and open the image in notepad and look for something XML-like(RDF) and you will find your tag there. Well... now we know that they are indeed stored in the files, but we still have no idea how to manipulate them.

But google is to the rescue. I googled: windows metadata api

and found this: