I googled and also checked amazon but have not found any book on this subject, so is there any book out there on Pyobjc? If not then from where i should start?

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No actual book, AFAIK. You can start from tutorial articles like this (good but dated), books on Cocoa like this (you'll need a reading-level acquaintance with Objective C, but that's not hard), and the online docs, even though they're somewhat flawed.

Alex Martelli
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I would recommend taking a look at this question. The documentation on PyObjc is notoriously bad. This probably isn't what you want to hear, but it's the truth.

The good news is that O'Reilly has got a good tutorial: Introduction to PyObjC.

Lucas McCoy
Do you think this O'Reilly tutorial is good enough?
@itsaboutcode: I don't think any one single tutorial is good enough. I would try to get all the information I could about PyObjC. Alex Martelli has some excellent links also, be sure to check them out.
Lucas McCoy