I know this is pretty exotic, but I want to deploy a Ruby web application (not Rails, but Rack based, so it plugs into most Ruby servers just fine) using JRuby. Google and friends give me a few success stories, but mostly rails related and if not, no details on the deployment are provided. The framework I'm using is Ramaze, if it matters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If its rack based, you may be in luck:

Probably will have to build things from source I bet though !

Good luck.

Michael Neale

If its rack based, you may be in luck:

It doesn't seem to assume you use Rails though, and doesn't give any info on how and where to store the rackup configs etc. I think this is the right piece of software, but I can't figure out how to use it.

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Look here

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In my opinion, running a Rack based application with a rackup script is the real Ruby way. And I wanted to apply the same for JRuby too. That is why I've written jetty-rackup

We are using it for deploying a Sinatra web application. No Java specific configuration needed. A typical, small is enough. Embedded jetty web server is used in place of Webrick then.