I was trying to test code using com class to display Word files but I cannot seem to get the answer and still searching. I get errors and sometimes, programs do not display anything at all. Please give me some ideas. I'm working with PHP 4.


Do you mean you want to have the word plugin activated in the browser? Try the <object> tag with the correct mime type.

Paul de Vrieze
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If the site is hosted on a Windows machine with Word you may be able to use a COM extension to PHP that will give you access to Word documents. Using the automation methods exposed by Word's Automation model, you could probably do something like export a word document to HTML and then render that HTML to some frame/div on your page. I haven't looked at the code or tried it, but someone has created a word/php class here:

There are probably many others.

Although I have seen code in the past that will actually read a Word document directly without the use of Automation, I wouldn't recommend it as it could be easily broken by new versions or oddities in file format.

i've tried this code already and i get error like path is not valid. but when i've the path to where the file is located. could the php version i am using right now has something to do with it?
I took one for the team and went through the horrible, horrible website phpclasses, registered, and it turns out that it relies on COM as well.
+1 for phpclasses comment. i mean, really. add some marquees and flashing text and it's 1995 again.

Although it may be out of subject, I would suggest moving on to Php 5. Php 4 support stopped in august 2008. It's quite reckless to continue to use it.