I'm using jQuery validate on a form I am building and it is working great. What I want to do is when something is invalid to have the text field change colors and the error message to be white. I figured the following CSS would work:

label .error {color: white; font-weight: bold;}
input .error {background-color: pink; border: 1px dashed red; color: white}

When I test the validation the above CSS doesn't seem to apply. I checked using Firebug and the label and input area have the 'error' class applied.

The CSS seems valid as when I leave off the .error clause everything looks like I want it too. What am I doing wrong?

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Try label.error and input.error without spaces.

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One space can be one too much. Try:

label.error {color: white; font-weight: bold;}
input.error {background-color: pink; border: 1px dashed red; color: white}

Background info:

label .error  /* selects all elements of class "error" *within* any label */
label.error   /* selects labels of class "error"                          */
Stupid spaces...
Ihatethemtoo. :-P
Bang. Nailed it. Nice catch, Tomalak!
John Dunagan