I know that MAC OS X 10.5 comes with Apache installed but I would like to install the latest Apache without touching the OS Defaults incase it causes problems in the future with other udpates. So I have used the details located at:http://diymacserver.com/installing-apache/compiling-apache-on-leopard/ But I'm unsure how to make this the 64 Bit version of Apache as it seems to still install the 32 bit version.

Any help is appreciated


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Add this to your ~/.bash_profile which means that your architecture is 64-bit ant you’d like to compile Universal binaries.

export CFLAGS="-arch x86 _64"

Remove the space between x86 and _64 and then follow the guide you linked to from the start.


This page claims that a flag for gcc (maix64) should do the trick. Give it a whirl, and if you need any more help, post back here.

Brian Warshaw

Be aware that you may run into issues with your apache modules. If they are compiled in 32-bit mode, then you will not be able to load them into a 64-bit apache.

I had this issue with mod_python, took a bit of thinking to figure out this was the reason.

Matthew Schinckel

Don't export CFLAGS from your .bash_profile or any other dot file. Your home directory could live on for decades, the system you're currently using is transient.

There's a guide on Apple's web site, Porting UNIX/Linux Applications to Mac OS X, that talks specifically about how to make autoconf and make and other similar build systems fit into the Mac OS X Universal Binary scheme. If you're going to build cross-Unix applications on Mac OS X, you need to read and understand this guide.

That said, I strongly question why you want to build Apache 64-bit. Just because Leopard can run 64-bit software doesn't mean you want all software on your system to be 64-bit. (It's not Linux.) In fact, virtually none of the software that ships with Leopard runs 64-bit by default, and most of the applications included with Leopard only ship 32-bit.

Unless you have a pressing need to run Apache 64-bit, I wouldn't bother trying to build it that way.

Chris Hanson

If you would have read a bit further on the same site there is some information on compiling Apache in 64 bits mode! http://diymacserver.com/2008/10/04/update-on-64-bits-compilation/