hi there i am looking for a good way to automaticly create/update sitemp for my website its a free classified ads site , i want to rebuild or update sitemap.xml whenever an ads has been added . whats your idea ? is it possible . i appreciate any help.

thanks a lot.

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I wouldnt do it anytime an ad is added, if you have a large number of users it would constantly be updating. Also if you try doing it at the same time a user submits an ad then they will have a long wait while the script runs. I would setup a cron job to do it every 30 or 60 mins. This will prevent it from constantly running and it will keep the user from having long waits for an ad to submit.

Josh Curren
thanks - would you explain it more ?
I added a more of an explanation. Do you still need more?
Josh Curren
how does it work ? more about "cron job" please;any source?ways?
Check out or search this site for cron jobs.
Josh Curren