I have been using PLT Scheme, but it has some issues. Does anyone know of a better implementation for working through SICP?

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Use MIT Scheme.

It's recommended by the authors of SICP, and is used at MIT for the 6.001: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs course.

Well, that makes sense. I probably will, now.
Joel McCracken
But MIT Scheme does not seem to have a build for linux x86_64
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MIT/GNU Scheme, just make sure you load the SICP compatibility package (yes, they provide specific libraries to enhance guarantee the SICP exercises work).

Louis Gerbarg
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PLT Scheme works pretty well, or MIT Scheme as Keparo suggested. What issues are you having with it?

Matt Curtis
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Use DrScheme. No doubt about it.

DrScheme is an excellent starting point for all things Scheme including SICP. To look up keywords in the documentation, place the cursor on the keyword and press F1.

When you get to the wonderful chapter on Henderson's picture language, use the SICP package available from PLaneT. In DrScheme you can now see the images directly in the REPL (the read-eval-print-loop).


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I've just started do SICP this week.

Currently, MIT Scheme is broken in in Ubuntu Linux (9.04 "jaunty"). It might be working in the future.

DrScheme is working, and is working well. You can use soegard's package listed above or Neil Van Dyke's package, which is based on soegard's package and is available from http://www.neilvandyke.org/sicp-plt/. The nice thing about this package is that when installed, you can use Language|Choose Language.... menu item to select SICP.