I have some old .AVI files made by my kids with a Logitech webcam that I can not view. They seem to be encoded using IV50. Does anyone know of a tool to convert these files to something more widely supported, like Quciktime? (movavi seems to do it but I only have a few .AVI files to convert and I'd rather not have to buy something.)

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You can download the IV50 (Intel Video 5.0 iirc) codec from Intel or elsewhere, for free.

Then use a video encoding program like VirtualDub (it's free and quite popular) to re-encode your video files to another format. You'll also need codec files for the "target" format.

I'm not sure that QuickTime is the easiest format to encode to however, on windows.

You might also consider re-encoding the files to MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, both of which are supported on many types of devices. MPEG-2 files can also be played back on most cheap DVD-players and such.

Thank you. That worked. (Sorry, can't vote for you -- I'm not yet registered.)

VirtualDub will not convert IV50 format. Any other suggestions?


you can just throw them in the garbagem cause any Intel video 5.0 or 5.11 codecs you find on the internett won't work. you will only get the audio, and nothing more. not sure about the xå, but seems xp has the same problem. I've tried everything, but nothing works. Now I'm just saving my files for the future and hopes that someone else then Ligos will have some sollutions. Ligos sure don't!!!


Here's a link to that Intel IV50 codec.


Intel removed the link to download IV50 some time ago so dont bother going there .... You'll need to pay Indeo their $15 unless you have a pirate version .... It's a bit low charging for a codec we already paid for when we purchased the operating system had no right to remove it during an "upgrade" ... I downloaded IV50 from Intel when it was available but didnt keep it DOH !!!!!


I couldn't find any working links to the IV50 codec, but the free program AllToAVI ( was at least able to convert IV50 videos to a playable format.