Our shop is in the process of converting our internal project management application from ASP.NET Web Forms to ASP.NET MVC.

I would like to provide an RSS feed for our customers of their current open issues ... but I would like to do so with some type of authorization, e.g. login and a password.

Is this possible using ASP.NET MVC or should this be done through some other service like WCF? Sample code would be much appreciated.


If private feeds are part of the RSS spec, you should look there for the mechanics of RSS auth.

I've thought about this before for a project and came to the conclusion that secure RSS will never work because not enough clients (e.g. google reader) support it.

Sorry, don't have a complete answer, but thought this might help anyway.

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I'm not sure of the best way, but can think of a few, none are super great though.

All of them kinda suck because the password (or token) is url visible. Maybe that is considered okay if it is https instead of http though. I think the first option + https is pretty common though?

I think this is probably the only way to do it ... and since this is for an application that is used internally ... I think I'll give it a try.
If it is internal you might be able to use Windows Integrated Authorization (domain users, etc).