I just installed Apache and PHP on my computer to be able to run PHP files locally.

I can run a PHP file if it is located in Apache2.2\htdocs directory.

Is that possible to run PHP files outside this directory ?

I'm looking to a simple solution, because all I need is to write a small PHP code and try it locally.

I would like to be able to run the PHP file by right clicking it -> Open with Firefox

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You can run a PHP script from anywhere using the command line:

php yourscript.php
I would like to be able to run the PHP file by right clicking it -> Open with Firefox. Is that possible ?
Misha Moroshko
@Misha - That probably won't work, even if the PHP is in the htdocs directory. The file must be run and served by the webserver, not interpreted by the browser.

Newer versions of php come with php-cli: a command line interface. So to run php code, you just need to type:

 php some_code.php

Yes. You don't say if you want to run it from the web server, or from the command line, but you can use include past the web root.


Or you can change paths in apache config to another dir


You can either run it from the command line,

or you can create a "wrapper" script within your htdocs that "includes" the file from outside of the htdocs directory

Mark Baker
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There is some ways to do it, but the simplest way is using 'include' or 'required' php command:

include ('/somewhere/outside/of/your/htdocs/file.php');

Please note you may need to turn off 'open_basedir' php directive.

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you cannot open it with firefox.
Because firefox has nothing to do win PHP.
So, you need to request this URL from a web-server

Create a windows shortcut with

or whatever way you prefer to click web links

Col. Shrapnel
@Misha Moroshko: Go to the web page in Firefox and then drag the "fav icon" (the icon to the left of the url) to your desktop. Now, when you double-click it, it will open the url in your browser. This will require you to have your web server running, of course.