Hi I am a new guy in web development using .net technology. I have strong ambition to make up a good career in this field. But when i starting to learn something from the internet tutorials, i can't complete that. I will stop the reading before completion. so i decided everyday to start a new life in development. But i cant to do that. please help me for improving my career by suggesting some tips for increasing the concentration or something like that. thanks in advance.

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Make something you're interested in! :) I'm not sure--does .NET have a database that you can play around with? If so, start learning about normalization and start modeling complex problems like Facebook, for instance. If not, make sites that you're interested in--if you're interested in cars, make a site about cars. If you're a mad enthusiast about underwater basket weaving, make a site about that, include vids, etc.

Basically, what I'm saying is: If you want to get better at web development anything, practice it.

Christian Mann
.NET doesn't have a database but there is SQL Server Express (or similar, can't remember exactly) which is ok for learning.

Web development isn't as trivial as it might seem, so learn to accept the fact, that there will be obstacles on your way. Everything else will fall into place with experience.

And also, a more important point: if you have the choice, pick a problem or domain, your are genuinely interested in - you might forget the pain, since your curiousity will convoy you to hopefully new insights.

Or, try something new (possibly), e.g. 10 minutes intervals:

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I'd recommend you to join an open source project. The best way to learn is to read code from other people and to spend hours programming, refactoring your own code, showing it to others and so on... Practice and never-stop-learning-and-reading are the keys to become a successful developer.

You can start with an small project, let's say a CRUD web-application, and from there try to expand functionalities. Once you feel ready, you will have the feeling of deleting everything and start from scratch. That means that you are learning! After that you can start an open source project or join an existing one.

Also is good to read a couple of blogs about software development in general. I'd recommend you Coding horror from Jeff Attwood, one of the creators of Stackoverflow.

Also there are some books that are a must-have, such as Design Patterns, Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software (Also known as The gang of 4). It is useful to learn and open your mind about how to solve some typical OOP problems.

"deleting everything and starting from scratch" Man, I've had that feeling a lot. Pretty much every time I make something new. 'Course, I've only had, like, 6mo experience.
Christian Mann

Perhaps you're more of a visual learner and would be better off watching video tutorials? has quite a few good courses that gets you started in the technologies you want to learn.

As a related note... If you're not sure about what part of your brain is most dominant, you can look into Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). Doing such a test will give you a new insight into yourself. Just keep in mind that it's just a snapshot, so ten years from now, the test might show something different. HBDI is just one of the "brain insight" tools out there. There are controversies around each of these tools/theories, but for me it was pretty much dead on.

Gert G

Maybe you are after som projects where you can try different things. If you are making web sites, try looking into an extendable CMS (Umbraco, DotNetNuke) that way, you might be able to make some money selling these solutions while you build them, this might be the motivation you need.

Else i agree with Pakore, build something you like and is interested in


Don't start something new every day, pick an interesting (to you and to potential employers and customers) project, interesting and not too difficult at first, and FINISH it. Anyone can start the 100m sprint (or the marathon if that is more your style) but the prizes go to the people who finish their races.

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If you are having trouble concentrating, the first step is to stop multi-tasking, not just when you are studying, but all the time. Multi-tasking is the enemy of concentration and, contrary to popular belief, it is neither efficient or effective. So stop trying to read your email, play games, talk on the phone, watch tv and learn web development all at the same time. At first your ability to concentrate will be abysmal (if you are of the generation that multi-tasks, it will probaly be less than five minutes.) Set a time goal and increase it by a minute a day. Soon you will be able to sit down and concentrate on one task and only one task for hours at a time.

Once you can concentrate, then start taking the information you are reading about and using it in code. Find something you want to build or join an open source project. You will learn more from reading and doing than just reading alone.