I've already found a good site to convert HTML character codes to their respective glyphs:

However, I need a bit more information. Does anyone know of a site like the one above that also provides information on what type of character code it is? Meaning, is it a special character? Is the glyph visible? Etc...

So far I have found some tables with this information, but they aren't as complete as the resource above. I would really like to get my hands on a complete table.

Thanks, -Ben

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HTML Entity Character Lookup

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I like FileFormat.Info--e.g.:

Alan Moore
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The character map on Ubuntu (and I assume most other Linux distros) is fantastic. You can search for any character by its name or description (e.g. "arrow") really easily.

Windows' character map is a poor imitation but kinda works too. It seems to decide that certain fonts (Arial, Verdana etc) can't display some characters, even though they work absolutely fine. (Hint: try MS's more recent font creations like Calibri for better results.)

Once you've found a character you can either:

  • Copy it and use it directly (requires pages to be UTF-8) like this: ↗
  • Insert it as a hexadecimal entity. The above character is "U+2197 North East Arrow" so the entity would be ↗
  • Convert the hex code to decimal (the calculators on Windows and Linux can do this). The above example is ↗