I am a new Java programmer. I want to learn how to develop Android applications.

If someone could name the best IDE, books and websites from where I can learn, it would really help a lot.

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The best place to start:

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You can start by looking into my degree thesis on Android Application Development for the intermediate developer. Especially the section "What is Android?" and the section "Hello World as test of IDE".

You get a simple overview of Android, a reference guide (litterature, and links) and the workflow of an application where Java and XML interact.

Good luck, and happy coding :)

that's pretty cool, I'll have to give that a read through soon!
Thanx! It's a simple, easy to use guide to get you started. When you know this, go use the book Unlocking Android, or Wireless Application Development - both very nice.Please let me know what you think (but leave out comments on my english :) )
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The best IDEs are Netbeans & Eclipse, and here are the 2 sites I usually go to:

Here's some books I've read, which I recommend:

  • Beginning Android 2 (Paperback) by Mark Murphy (Author)
  • Professional Android 2 Application Development (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) (Paperback) by Reto Meier (Author)
I tried all netbeans, eclipse, IntelliJ. In the end I would say IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate Edition) is best for Android, although it's not free. That's the only downside. But regarding syntax completion (also for xml layout files), built-in Android support, git support, stability, it's very good - much more stable than Eclipse. Nevertheless, for a start into Android, Eclipse would probably do as well. Good thing about Eclipse is that it's been used as reference IDE in the Android docs by Google.
Mathias Lin
Personally I use Netbeans, so I'm going to stand by that IDE, but I haven't tried IntelliJ IDEA... will have to give it a shot.Regarding Eclipse, I think it has too much overhead - bit too clunky for me. Still great for starting out, though, which is why I recommended it.
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PM - Paresh Mayani
thanks a lot bro
Harsha M V
Checkout..Just now (2 Aug, 2010) I have added more links(Check above No.7 and No.8) for Android websites
PM - Paresh Mayani
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I use the Eclipse IDE and I mostly refer to whenever I need guidance. It works wonderfully for me. And more importantly, when I get stuck, I look for help here on stackoverflow and get loads of it. The people are extremely helpful here. I've just begun working on Android as well and will help in any way I can.

And there's an e-book that I referred to to get started, found it very helpful- 'Hello,Android-Introducing Google's Mobile Development Platform'

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Buy a subscription to rather than buying Beginning Android 2... it's the same author and you get that book plus a couple of others that are incredibly worthwhile. The author posts answers here on Stack Overflow almost daily... I don't know where he finds the time. :)