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looking for nudity image filter that can test the adult image from other
What is the best way to programatically detect porn images?


I'm have a social networking website.

Users can upload their pictures and share them with their friends.

But some users upload porn images. I want to stop it.

I tried to find the nudity detection scripts. I found logipik solution , but now they don't distribute the script now.

Please let me know if you have this script or better one.

Thank you.

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Here is free award-winning class at phpclasses.org:

The widespread availability of nudity pictures is a great concern, especially for parents with young children.

Determining whether a picture contains nudity is also a concern for sites that ban such kinds of pictures. Often they do not have enough human resources to monitor all pictures submitted by the site users.

This class provides a solution that can help determining whether a picture may contain nudity.

It analyses the colors and shapes of the objects in a picture and gives a score value that may help picture content moderators to reduce the search for undesired nudity pictures.

Since you emphasized the award, it should be noted that *The main goal of this award is to encourage developers to contribute PHP components that provide innovative features, instead of just replicating the features already provided by previously contributed components.* So it's not for it's (purported) efficiency as an actual filter.
@Gordon: Yup that's true thanks for adding that though :)
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There's a duplicate I can't find right now about a similar topic (update: Here it is). My answer here is what I answered there: Forget it. You'll have way too many false positives, or false negatives, using the kind of automatic detection that is available for web sites.

Focus your resources on an admin interface that makes it very, very easy to view and, if neessary, remove new content, instead.

I have, for example, had very good experiences with a touch screen monitor. You could have an admin script that shows new images in a slide show, and has a big fat "delete" button to the bottom - so big that it's easy to tip it with your fingers. This method makes it dead easy to walk through hundreds of images in a few minutes and sort out the bad ones.

Just as one example.

In additon, a simple `Flag As Offensive` button right below the picture could help the admins find offensive pictures through the community.
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Logipik still appears to be running, they just had some issues with people abusing their stuff so now you have to contact them. Did you contact them?

Also did you see?

image nudity filter class

Nudity Detection Algorithm

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logipik isn't particularly accurate. It flags a fair number of Blatte's Fractal Backgrounds as probable porn.

However, I believe the script is still available if you buy it, they've simply stopped download of the trial version.

Mark Baker