I have a dataprovider and a filterfunction for my array that's assigned to my dataprovider.

How can I get a list of the properties that are in each row of the dataprovider ( as it gets passed to the filterfunction?

For instance, if my object contained:

Object name email address

Then I would want, in my filterfunction to be able to look at name, email and address. Unfortunately, I don't know what these properties will be before hand.

Any ideas?


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If it's a dynamic object I believe you can just do something like this:

var obj:Object; // I'm assuming this is your object

for(var id:String in obj) {
  var value:Object = obj[id];

  trace(id + " = " + value);

That's how it's done in AS2, and I believe that still works for dynamic objects in AS3. I think the properties that it will show is more limited on non-dynamic objects.

Perfect! Works great. Been trying to figure that out for days. Thanks very much!G-Man

you can use a for .. in loop to get the properties names, or a for each .. in loop to get the property values ...

for( var o : * in object){
    trace( o + " = " + object[o] );
/************* OR ******************/
for each( var o : * in object ){
    trace( "object has property: " + o );

for-in works for dynamic objects only. For typed objects you need to use some kind of reflection to get property names (e.g.



You are probably looking for



Be aware that there is a bug in it which causes it to treat XML as a non-dynamic data type. More on the bug in:

Robert Bak
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describeType(object) will also give you a list of properties on an object.

Joel Hooks