Does anyone see anything wrong with what I am doing here? I haven't worked with the database expressions in WP yet. All of my code runs except when I start to try to add items to tables I have created in the WP database. Any info would be greatly appreciated. To me it seems that this syntax is correct and should run.

$wpdb->insert($wpdb->prefix . 'venue', array('event_id' => $event_id, 
                                    'event_date' => $event_date, 
                                    'venue_name' => $venue_name, 
                                    'venue_city' => $venue_city, 
                                    'ticket_url' => $ticket_url, 
                                    'event_url' => $event_url), 
                                array(%d, %s, %s, %s, %s, %s) );

Many thanks.

UPDATE!: There seems to be an issue connecting to the WP database from within an AJAX call. I am using jQuery to call a php file and trying this within the PHP file. This does not seem to work as maybe the $wpdb class is outside of the scope?