I have: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Explorer Version 9.0.21022.8

When I go to Team->Team Foundation Server Settings->Group Memberships;

Double-click on 'Team Foundation Server Licensed Users';

Select "Windows User or Group" in the 'Add Member'; In the "Select Users, Computers or Groups" type in the group name, then 'Check Names', resolved, press 'OK'.

Now I can see the group added to the 'User or Group' list.

Unfortunately, when I press 'OK' I get the following unhelpful message

Microsoft Visual Studio

Team Foundation Error


OK Help

(where 'MyGroup' is the name of the Windows group I was trying to add).

At the same time, though, adding individual users from that group works fine.

Any ideas on where to begin with this error (pressing 'Help' shows the 'Information not Found' page).


OK, it appears that we have a 'limited version' which I was not informed of, and can see no indication of ... anyway, that seems to be the reason.

To be more exact, it is Workgroup edition.
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The workgroup edition has a limitation of five users, so it doesn't allow you to add groups in the security manager. If you could add groups, you could potentially add more than five users, and then it wouldn't know which five to give access to. I would suspect that this is your problem, though I would expect a more helpful error message - maybe something along the lines of "Unable to add a Group in this TFS edition", or something like that.

EDIT: This MSDN article explains the process, and notes that you can't add groups to the workgroup edition - only individual users.

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As rwmnau said, the WGE is limited to five. If you purchase a new license you can 'Repair' the app and it'll offer you a place to add the new license code - so you don't need to un-install/ re-install.


Just to add a couple of my own findings:

Gosh, what did I do to the URL's ... =)