I've been lucky enough to have been employed for a while now but face the prospect of a job search in the next month or so.

I know Monster and CareerBuilder are wasted cesspools for head-hunters, scammers and spammers, so where is a good place to spend time posting a resume and reading serious listings?

If it helps, I'm a not-quite-senior level dev looking for something product focused rather than consulting.

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Start by checking boards like Joel's, 37 signals, and Techcrunch. They are more likely to have sorted through the garbage and only post something that might be useful. Of course, it really depends on your location.

Another idea is to check with local user groups (in my city I found my current job through the Agile Methods user group)

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You might try:

Or check out the careers pages of shops you admire or your LinkedIn contacts.

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Dice Of all of the "Major" sites this one has produced me a few fine opportunities. However since its a notable mainstreamer you also get a good amount of headhunters from posting.


Thanks. I didn't realize that Joel's site had more postings than just Fog Creek.

I've seen Dice and for lack of a better term it seemed... dicey, but I am willing to give it a shot.

I've heard of TechCrunch but haven't checked it out for postings.

Thanks all around. If you think of more, please post them.

Rob Allen
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Not a job board, I consider it a handy resource, I made this program a while back to help me apply to jobs quickly and track/reuse cover letters and resume. I swear by it, but then again I made it :-)