I believe the application has some parts that target .NET, and some that don't. I'm particularly interested in looking at the resource files, if there are any.

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If you want to disassemble native x86/64 app use IDA, .NET exe/dll can be disassembled using Reflector. There are tons of utilities to extract resources. Can you elaborate your question a bit?

Aku, thanks for the response. I'd be happy to elaborate, but I'm not sure what else to convey to help people give better answers.
Esteban Araya
Esteban, I mean there are a lot of different esource types, what resource you want to extract?

Looking at the resource files isn't really "disassembling" (not really) and if that's all you want to do you can just open the .exe or .dll inside Visual Studio or a similar tool and it will give you a resources view.

James D
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To add to aku's excellent answer, for English speakers, IDA Pro is available at

Chris Jester-Young

Do not get scared by the prices, the freeware version (available from is perfectly sufficient for reversing Win32 x86 code.


I would too highly recommend IDA for reverse engineering if you want to see the assembly code and how the binaries have been compiled/linked.

To simpley see "inside" binary files (exe, dll, sys, ...) try CFF Explorer, its free and its great:

you can examine the binary files structure in great detail including resources.

If CFF Explorer is not enough then try PE Explorer which costs a little bit:


PE Explorer is definitely the best resource viewing tool, but you might want to have a look at its "resource-only" version - Resource Tuner.