I'm trying to see the path my users take when clicking thru a web app I have. I've got logs, awstats and webalizer on the server-side, and I'm looking to install some sort of analytical product. I don't see any breadcrumb/click path data in my log files. Am I missing it? Barring that, what analytical products (Yahoo, Google, etc) can do this?


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I believe Google Analytics supports this via a site overlay that shows which links users clicked on each page. I don't think it will do per-user tracking, but the site overlay gives you a good idea of how users in general navigate through your site.

Regardless, I would highly recommend Google Analytics - super easy to set up and really powerful.

Eric Petroelje
Yeah, I imagine I'll try it anyway, but I'm looking for this in particular.
Corey Maass
+1 for Google analytics. It does do Click through, it's free, and I've used it for a number of customers now, with great success.
Nick Haslam
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Hi Corey,

You can use Logaholic Web Analytics. It has a very thorough Top click paths report which can also be segmented. Furthermore, you can do a click trails analysis of selected pages for selected users to see how they reach a certain page within your site. You can get a free trial of Logaholic from: