I'm interested to get a free, WYSIWYG HTML editor that is compatible with Django template. Any ideas?

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http://www.fckeditor.net/ ?

EDIT: Just found this: http://blog.newt.cz/blog/integration-fckeditor-django/


Thanks LainMH.

But I afraid fckeditor is used in web app, for the purpose of editing HTML. What I want is an editor that allows me to write HTML that is Django compatible.

Hope this clarifies the issue.

Ngu Soon Hui
Oh I see! You may want to re-word your question to something like: "Is there a good, free WYSIWYG editor for creating HTML using a Django template?" HTH. Iain (not Lain).

According to brief Googling (no personal experience with this), Aptana now supports Python development via Pydev. Pydev again can be configured to work with Django.

Thus I would expect Aptana to be usable with Django templates aswell, though I have no complete guide these links should be helpful :

Hope this helps.

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I don't think any of the HTML based editors will work with the django templates, but rather the editable content areas within templates.

The process for creating / editing Django templates is really to create a standard HTML page first (with CSS & images etc), then make that into a base template. Then you create other templates that extend the base one.

The type or program typically used for editing the templates would be an IDE, although I prefer the lighter weight Textmate bundle for editing the templates (and Django python code). If you have an IDE, just google for a Python pluggin for Django.

What will probably help most is having the Django templates page open, or using a Django cheetsheet.

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vim has syntax highlighting for Django template tags, works for me ^_^