I'm currently learning Django though reading the Django Book, but I'm a huge fan of webcasts/screencasts/videos and haven't found any good ones so far. Are there any and which ones would you recommend?

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There are some good ones at ShowMeDo

Toni Ruža
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Check the screencasts section at This Week In Django.

Carl Meyer
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I found this series of screencasts to be pretty good at introducing it.


The following is a great screencast that compares various web frameworks (J2EE, Django, Zope and Ruby):

Better Web App Development by Sean Kelly. 317 MB. 36 min 09 secs.

Lucas S.
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There's a list of Django screencasts on the Django Project web/wiki.

Once you have a handle on Django be sure to watch Eric Holscher's introduction of Django Command Extensions. He notes "it is one of my favorite third party apps, and it gets installed in every Django environment I work in."

And today the DjangoCon videos appeared on YouTube...


Personally, I think this one is pretty good.

Paul Reiners
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ShowMeDo's Django section has a good collection. ShowMeDo's Python section has a large set of Python-related stuff that might give you extra background information.

If you comment in ShowMeDo and tell the authors what else you'd like to see, they're quite responsive and might make new tutorials based on your suggestions.

Ian Ozsvald
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First, don't read the Django book. It's very outdated. Instead, read the official Django docs.

Also, here's another link to the Django Con videos on YouTube (as listed by the guys at TWID).


I've started from here. Pretty good.