In SharePoint WSS (not MOSS) how can I change the page layout for an existing page?

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You can always use SharePoint designer to change an existing Aspx page.

What exactly do you want to change in a page?

Henrique Zacchi
I'm trying to change the page layout associated with the page. Cheers
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On the page editing bar, select page settings from the page menu item. From there, you can select the page layout used in the same way you did when the page was created. All your data (text, webparts etc) should still remain in place.

Not sure what happens to web parts if the new page layout doesn't have corresponding zones though, so be careful there.

update for WSS specific details

WSS doesn't support page layouts (as they are known in MOSS) as they're installed as part of the web publishing feature in MOSS.

WSS pages are instanced off the aspx page templates defined in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\1033\STS\DOCTEMP\SMARTPGS.

These are based off the site master page and are (effectively) standard aspx pages. You can't change the template that's used - the page exists on the site once it's created.

You can modify the page on the file system, and as long as the page isn't ghosted, all the pages using that template will be updated.

This is only the case with MOSS publishing enabled, I'm looking for how to do this in WSS. Cheers
When I look at the page in the pages library it tells me that it's page layout is Blank Web Part Page. The site has publishing enabled but this is not a publishing page - it is the home page that is created by the blank site template. Does that make sense?
Blank Web Part Page is one of the default layouts that the MOSS publishing feature installs. You should have the page editing toolbar; Page Settings on the Page menu there should give you the option to pick a layout. Do you get the page editing toolbar when editing a page?
Not on this page as it is the initial page created by the blank site template, which I think isn't a publishing page - so I just get the stop editing option when the page is in edit mode.
Creating a blank site should create a blank WSS site (even on a MOSS installed server). The site created shouldn't have the publishing feature installed so shouldn't have any page layouts or even a pages library (just created one on a MOSS server to confirm this).
Marcus, I think it was a WSS blank site initially. Then I turned on the publishing features. Now the home page is not a publishing page. Can I change it's page layout or is that not possible? Cheers

Sharepoint designer is the best way of editting a page layout, or creating a new one. It's also the best way of creating/editting a master page too, if that's what you mean.

Note that in SharePoint designer you can also 'Detach' a Publishing Page from a Page Layout, so that you can change it's layout without affecting all pages using that page layout.

However, if you want to package these up for deployment across systems, you're looking at needing visual studio - or being really confident in NotePad!

Andy Burns

My page settings page showing only one page layout then how can i choose different one? Why settings page showing only one page layout?

Sandip Patil