My website is written in Python and currently runs under mod_python with Apache. Lately I've had to put in a few ugly hacks that make me think it might be worth converting the site to mod_wsgi. But I've gotten used to using some of mod_python's utility classes, especially FieldStorage and Session (and sometimes Cookie), and from a scan of PEP 333, I don't see any equivalents to these. (Not surprising, because I understand that those kinds of utilities don't belong in the WSGI spec)

Question is, are there "standard" (i.e. commonly accepted) replacements for these mod_python utility classes that I can use in WSGI, or could I/should I write my own?

(FYI: currently using Python 2.5)

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Look at Werkzeug. You may have to do some rewriting. You will probably be pleased with the results of imposing the WSGI world-view on your application.

+1 Werkzeug. Can't imagine what I used to do without it.
Ali A
Rolled my own. Now thinking I should remove my own out and replace it with Werkzeug.

Please look at whiff -- it provides built in functionality for manipulating field data and sessions among others to wsgi based applications.

Aaron Watters
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You can use FieldStorage in 'cgi' module and the 'Cookie' module. There is no equivalent to Session in Python standard libraries. For WSGI applications you can use Beaker for sessions.

Graham Dumpleton