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Java GraphViz

Is there an Open Source java alternative to GraphViz? I'm aware of the existence of Grappa which basically wraps the Graph interface to GraphViz as an JavaAPI. However the layouting is still done by the GraphViz binaries.

I'm looking for a pure-java, open source library providing the same functions and layouting algorithms as GraphViz.

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yFiles seems to provide all this, but it's not free and not really cheap either. But then again it seems to be a very professional product (haven't used it, except in yEd, which can be used for free).

Joachim Sauer
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You could look at JGraph though I have never used it so cannot comment on now it compares to GraphViz.


this is closely related to my question over there about graph drawing in java

Andreas Petersson
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You can have a look at JUNG (Java Universal Network/Graph Framework) which has visualization and analytics functions. It's open source and available at: