I am currently developing a Drupal webpage using PDT. When running without XDebug, the site works fine.

When I enable XDebug, the site works fine but opens up tons of Javascript errors that I need to click through.


A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug?

Line: 1 Error: Syntax error


It seems to only be a problem when XDebug/PDT uses Firefox as its browser, this problem does not occur when using IE. Could it be some incompatability with Firebug?


This is a bit of a guess, but try Windows => Preferences => JavaScript => Include Path

Scott Rosenbaum
Good thought, but no dice. It turns out it wasn't a path issue (I think).
Justin Levine

I have the same problem. So I tried adding Javascript Include path to drupa/misc. But the problem does not go away :(

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Hello, here is how to solve this problem:

Turn off XDebug output capture:

Window -> Preferences, expand PHP, expand Debug, select "Installed Debuggers", choose "XDebug", click "Configure" on the right to bring up the configure dialog. In the middle "Output Capture Settings", set "Capture stdout" to "Off".