I can not see a first-name or full name field in Drupal's create/edit user form. I am using Drupal 6. How do I store a user's full name in it?

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Drupal supports fully configurable profiles. Turn on the module (it's in core) and navigate to /admin/user/profile to add/edit fields.

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Use Drupal's built-in profile module.

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You will need to enable the Profile module for that. This module lets you add fields to users.

See information about the module in the handbook, and some nice instructions here (under "Adding special properties to user profiles").

Daphna Shezaf

I realize that everyone's suggesting the profile module, and I agree that that will work fine on small enough sites, if you don't have too many user profile fields and not too many users... but it can be a hog on larger sites.

I'd also point out the Content Profile module, which allows you to create a node type and use it to extend the user's information that way, which also has the advantage of giving you the width and breadth of CCK for creating fields, instead of being stuck with profile's limited selection.

John Fiala

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