Can anyone point me to some decent introductions to WS-Security?

I'm looking for tutorials or something that provide a fairly gentle introduction to the subject, though I don't mind if it assumes basic knowledge of web services and SOAP. Most of the stuff I've seen so far is very technical and you need a lot of complex, detailed background knowledge to understand it properly.

We have to implement a web service in PHP and one or more clients in .NET, so resources covering both would be much appreciated.

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I think the best introduction to the (any) subject are some good examples.
This article at codeProject gives a fairly easy to follow guide trough web service security for a .NET application.

The implementation on that article is of .NET Framework 1.0
Paulo Santos
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I had to give myself a crash course in WS-Security a few months back, here are a few links that I found helpful:


You can find some good article on WS-Security and Apache Rampart - the open source WS-Security implementation - in WSO2 Online Library.

WSO2 WSF/PHP is a PHP Web services extension that has support for WS-Security and also interops with .NET Web services/clients seamlessly.

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Check Kirk Evans' blog as it deals with the .NET Framework 2.0+ instead of the old .NET Framework 1.0 linked by Sven.

The implementation on Evans' blog is backwards compatible with clients running .NET Frameowrk 1.0.

Paulo Santos