I have an XCode project built as a Cocoa single document application (it's not a Python-Cocoa application, that is not what I want).

All the documentation I found assumes I want to create a Cocoa application with code written in Python and this is not the case - I want a standard Cocoa application that calls a method out of a Python class.

Can I use PyObjC to run python code from a file without replacing the Cocoa standard main.c with a file?

Later edit: I am aware of Python.framework but as far as I can tell I can only send parameters to PyRun_SimpleFile through the environment - I'd like to use the bridge directly to exchange data with the python code.

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A google search for embed python objective C, returns a few links that might be of interest, in particular:

I've looked at the first link a couple of days ago, but I was to blind to see it did indeed describe the solution to my problem. Thanks.