I see that Adobe AIR uses WebKit as its render and I see that WebKit (at least the most current build) has some SVG support. Does this mean (and has anyone specifically tried) that an Adobe AIR application could render SVG on an HTML page?


Adobe AIR can only support SVG once Adobe updates their version of WebKit (AIR's HTML rendering engine) and enables the SVG support within their version of WebKit. Might be a business decision not to (ie Flash).

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On the offchance that it's helpful (and that you don't already know), Flex can embed SVG at runtime compile time, which effectively converts it to SWF format and embeds it as a resource.

public var SvgAsset:Class;

More info at Adobe's embedding assets article.

you mean that it can embed SVG at *compile* time.
Daniel Cassidy
Thanks Daniel, correction digested.
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If ActionScript 2: use the com.itechnica.svg (PathToArray) library to load SVGs at SWF runtime and display them (uses XML for SVG parsing):

Using SVG Path Data in Flash, Download button on the right pane.

If ActionScript 3: use the com.zavoo.svg (SvgPath) library to load SVGs at SWF runtime and display them (uses RegExp for SVG parsing):

Source code for SvgLoad and SvgDraw, Download button on the bottom-left.

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