I am tryin to develop on app engine and in the list of the errors displayed in the admin console I always see


i read the documentation , added a new folder called static and added this in my app.yaml

- url: /favicon.ico
       static_files: static/favicon.ico
       upload: static/favicon.ico

but even now i a getting the same error...

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For your application, favicon.ico should be a static image. You can upload a favicon.ico file with your application, and in your app.yaml file configure your application to serve the image when the url /favicon.ico is requested. Below is an example entry in your app.yaml file for /favicon.ico. We assume you include the favicon.ico file in the directory path static/images:

- url: /favicon.ico
  static_files: static/images/favicon.ico
  upload: static/images/favicon.ico

is written here

as i hav mentioned above i have added the code in the app.yamlthere is a folder called static and has a favicon.ico file inside...the image is a 16x16 image...but still it does not recognize or sumthing...i keep getting 404
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This entry should be placed before the entry for the main handler, like:

- url: /favicon.ico
  static_files: media/img/favicon.ico
  upload: media/img/favicon.ico

- url: /robots.txt
  static_files: media/robots.txt
  upload: media/robots.txt

- url: .*

The entries are processed in order of apperance and first one that matches wins.

thanks so much...
In which file this lines must be added? I'm having the same problem running the Get Started example.
Tom Brito
god this took me so long to figure out. thxxx

If you are doing this in Java, I got rid of the error by putting a blank "favicon.ico" file in the "war" directory.